Organisation in focus

Organisation Support Services are designed to help organisations effectively handle unexpected or difficult situations, such as redundancies or serious workplace accidents involving injury or death.

AccessEAP can equip managers to manage critical incidents effectively which involves coaching managers to prioritise effectively whilst dealing with intense emotions and pressure.

The restructure and redundancy service is a key offering of AccessEAP. We can provide on-site support for all those affected as well as tailor transition programmes to support managers.

By providing experienced and reliable critical incident management, restructure and redundancy support, AccessEAP helps employees and organisations recover from difficult situations or crises more effectively and quickly than would otherwise be experienced.

Critical Incident ManagementCritical Incident Management
Restructure and Redundancy SupportRestructure and Redundancy Support
On siteOn site
Clinical SupervisionClinical Supervision
Wellbeing ProgramsWellbeing Programs
Career TransitionCareer Transition
Physical HealthPhysical Health