AccessEAP is an Australian owned and not-for-profit organisation with almost 30 years in the EAP industry. AccessEAP is very proud to be one of the founding members of the EAP industry in Australia. We develop and refine best practice from a diverse experience base across the broad range of industries that we work with.

At AccessEAP our mission is to enable our customers to put People in Focus, creating a positive, supportive and productive workplace culture. For us that means fostering a partnership with our customers to create workplaces where employees can thrive both mentally and physically.

We believe that your EAP should be a strategic component of an overall workplace wellbeing program that engages and empowers employees, encourages early intervention when issues arise and increases individual resilience to maximise workplace performance. We place your people at the centre and take a 360o view using a comprehensive framework to make complex workplace issues manageable. 


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