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Counselling is short term and solution based, focusing on resolving employee psychological issues with the help of a qualified professional counsellor. People turn to counselling when they need support or at a crossroads in their lives. Counselling gives them the chance to talk things through, very often relieving emotional pressure, clearing the way for them to focus and decide what to do next. Counselling can provide your employees with a sense of direction and a greater ability to achieve their goals.

Professional counselling is a key service we offer at AccessEAP. We provide extensive coverage via a large Australian and International EAP network. With over 2 000 counsellors available, we can guarantee your employees will have access to confidential counselling support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Personal issues
  • Work / life effectiveness
  • Improving relationships
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Working relationships
  • Life goals
  • Gambling
  • Trauma, grief and loss
  • Depression
  • Communication skills
  • Financial goals and concerns
  • Anxiety
  • Positive Parenting
  • Legal concerns
  • Drug, alcohol and substance abuse

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