Conflict and Bullying are Among Top Five Workplace Stressors

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Access EAP recently compiled data across all the industries they work with and found the top five causes of workplace stress are:

  • Job insecurity
  • Work overload
  • Organisational change
  • Conflict with manager or colleagues
  • Bullying and harassment

We all need some healthy level of stress for stimulation. This amount is different for each of us. Not enough stimulation and we can feel bored at work. Reacting negatively to what we consider as too much stimulation creates anxiety. Experiencing overly high levels of stress (or not enough stimulation) for prolonged periods of time correlates to poor productivity, the display of inappropriate workplace behaviours and increased health risks.

Workplace Conflict Resolution provides training in managing stress and increasing resilience. We know that the ability to manage one’s emotions, remain calm under pressure and be mindful (such that one recognises they have and then do take responsibility for every decision) is directly proportional to performance and wellbeing.

Strategy to prevent workplace conflict

With conflict and bullying at work listed as two of the top five stressors – having strategies to minimise these incidents and to promptly and constructively address them should they occur – goes a long way to creating harmonious and productive workplaces.

One simple strategy is to never let a negative comment go unchallenged. Always and immediately reframe the comment with a positive focus. When done with genuine intent, positive or constructive comments actually produce a feel-good hormonal/chemical reaction in oneself and others that encourages trust and improves one’s ability to be collaborative.

Workplace Conflict Resolution specialises in conflict management and bullying prevention training. We also offer other preventative and responsive conflict management services. If you would like to know more or your organisation is looking for support – contact us today.

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