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Welcome to AccessEAP

AccessEAP partners with organisations to promote positive organisational behaviour, enhance employee well-being and improve workplace productivity.

As an Australian owned EAP provider with a not for profit orientation, our emphasis is on understanding the needs of our organisational clients and tailoring our services to support and prevent mental health issues in the workplace based upon these unique needs.

panel employee support

One of the key EAP services we offer is short- term, professional counselling.READ MORE

panel manager support

Manager Support is a consultative EAP service for managers, team leaders and other members of staff responsible for managing employees.READ MORE

panel education training

Many of our workplace interventions focus on pro-active and / or preventative measures to help your employees feel better prepared for specific mental health issues and pressurised situations.READ MORE

panel restructure redundancy

Our experienced consultancy team can assist your managers and employees through the challenging process of change in restructuring and redundancy.READ MORE

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Does your manager or employer have knowledge and understanding of mental health issues?

Does your manager or employer have knowledge and understanding of mental health issues?

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