Right now, the last thing any of us need is information overload to add to our stress. So with that in mind, we’ve created a new short Webinar, Practising self-care during the pandemic as well as highlighted some recommended tools. 

Whether you're currently in a lockdown, have loved ones in lockdown or need to prioritise your self-care during this pandemic, please watch the webinar and download our top recommended tools. You can continue to access these resources at any time. For access to our complete range of resources please visit the Employee and Employer Login Areas. 

 Recommended Tools

KMH Button 22.7.21   SO Button 22.7.21  LL Button 22.7.21 

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Practising self-care during the pandemic Webinar

Recorded by Kate McPhee, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant at AccessEAP.


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