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Invest in workplace health and wellbeing programs to improve your bottom line

HR Daily, September 2014

With Mental Health Awareness Month in October, Sally Kirkright, CEO, AccessEAP is calling on business owners and managers to introduce structured health and wellbeing programs into the workplace to reap the business benefits.


Laughing away workplace stress? What a joke!

Sunshine Coast Daily August 2014

WORK-related stress is the most common workplace issue in Australian workplaces according to AccessEAP, a corporate psychology organisation which supports and develops positive organisational behaviour.

AccessEAP collects data across customer organisations representing every industry and can reveal the top five causes of stress Australians experience in the workplace.


91 per cent of Aussies suffer work-related stress

My business August 2014

New research by corporate psychology organisation AccessEAP has found that work-related stress is currently the most common workplace issue in Australian workplaces, with 91 per cent of Aussies admitting to being stressed at work this year.


Less stress strategies: what to do in your organisation

Workplace OHS August 2014

Organisations are increasingly aware of the costs associated with workplace stress and while some are attempting to tackle the issue, there’s no “quick and easy fix”. A leading Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) provider has revealed what you can do in your organisation.


Top five tips for reducing workplace stress


With stress on the rise in Australian workplaces, an understanding of the causes and how to handle them are essential.

Work-related stress is the most common health and safety issue in Australian workplaces according to AccessEAP. The not-for-profit company, which promotes positive organisational behaviour, has compiled data from organisations in various industries in Australia and can reveal the top five ways to handle workplace stress.


One in five workers has stayed home in past year because they felt mentally unwell: study

Smart Company June 2014

One in five Australian workers has taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt mentally unwell, according to research released by beyondblue today.