Eating well and feeling good about food

There is a growing body of evidence to demonstrate that the food we eat affects our mental health. For example, dietary changes have been successfully trialled in the treatment of clinical depression. The positive effects of good gut health also extend to improved mental performance, something to think about!

AccessEAP offers employees the opportunity to receive a consultation with a nutritionist for advice about dietary changes to better support wellbeing. One nutrition consultation is part of your EAP session entitlement.

The nutrition coaching service can assist with:

• understanding the impact of food choices on brain function and emotional health
• identifying impacts associated with food choices
• understanding desired health outcomes
• healthy eating tips to optimise wellbeing
• diets for health conditions.

Find out more about tips for eating well when you're busy here.

Counselling support can help you set goals and identify when stress and anxiety are affecting your choices and impacting your health. Start now and benefit from this free and confidential service. Call AccessEAP on 1800 818 728 to book a session.