AccessEAP is aiming to provide the best workplace health and wellbeing for our clients. To be healthy people must take care of not only their emotional health, but also their physical health. If one is neglected, the other will suffer. As a complete workplace wellbeing offer to your organisation, AccessEAP have partnered with Corporate Bodies International (CBI) covering both psychological and physical health for your workforce.

Corporate Bodies International (CBI) was established in 2000, and has grown to be one of the most progressive suppliers of health and wellbeing programs throughout Australia and the Pacific region. CBI has permanent office locations across Australia, including Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Perth WA, Adelaide SA and Emerald QLD.

While many other companies may offer workplace health or fitness programs as a component of their business, CBI is different. Workplace health and wellbeing makes up 98% of their business. CBI has great experience delivering programs across a wide range of industries such as energy, utilities, construction, mining, manufacturing, government, professional services and transport sectors. To date, CBI has provided health and wellbeing programs to over 3,000 companies and over 350,000 people.

CBI’s objective is to educate and empower individuals to become personally responsible for their own health, by making positive sustainable lifestyle changes. This objective is achieved by improving the knowledge, motivation and attitude of employees towards their own health and lifestyle. This benefits both employers, by way of improved workplace productivity and employees, through improved health and lifestyle.



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