Employee and Manager EAP Awareness Session

We will work with you to plan and deliver appropriate, practical and cost effective communication strategies to ensure employees / managers and supervisors are aware of the EAP and informed about the range of issues which impact on employee well-being.

1. EAP awareness sessions for general staff at relevant locations, cover the following

  • What is an EAP
  • Why organisations have an EAP
  • Qualification of our counsellors
  • Problems / issues that can be helped by EAP counselling
  • When to contact AccessEAP - early warning signs of problems
  • How to arrange counselling
  • What happens in counselling
  • What information does your organisation receive
  • Ethics and confidentiality

2. Awareness Sessions for managers and supervisors, including methods for early detection and referral of employees who exhibit diminished work performance

At AccessEAP we believe in the value of engaged and supportive leadership, and the key role of managers in linking employees with EAP. Managers and Supervisors play an important role in ensuring that the EAP is used effectively.

There are a variety of ways we can communicate with your Managers / Supervisors and developed appropriate mode to suite your organisation’s specific requirements. It may coincide with the EAP launch, re-launch, meetings or conferences. The most successful formats are interactive and provide opportunity for questions and discussions with our counsellors.

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