Mediation is a process whereby the participants together with the assistance of a skilled mediator systematically isolate key issues of disagreement in order to reach a mutually agreed settlement. We can offer an immediate solution to workplace conflict through mediation.

We have experience in facilitating rapid resolution of a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Performance management
  • Dismissal
  • Bullying, harassment and sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Organisational change issues

Issues which may be resolved using mediation include:

  • Inappropriate workplace behaviour
  • Performance management issues
  • Conflicting communication styles
  • Grievance processes
  • Workforce reorganisation

Mediation is an effective process with a number of advantages:

  • It is confidential and voluntary
  • Can be arranged quickly
  • Directly involves participants
  • Participants usually achieve their own settlement, not something imposed, and therefore find solutions which satisfy their interests and are likely to succeed
  • Can occur early as a form of process, preventing an escalation of the problem
  • Mediators assist participants to work through issues and consider their options
  • Participants usually preserve and enhance their relationships, enabling them to better self-manage other issues which may emerge in the workplace in the future



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