AccessEAP provides customised coaching programs to assist workplace and organisational environments to get the best outcome in development. The focus is on practical tools and techniques to help individuals and groups achieve effective application.

It involves a collaborative, individualised relationship between an executive / manager / employee and a coach. It aims to bring about sustained behavioural change and to improve the quality of the individual’s working and personal life. While coaching is not counselling or therapy, it has its roots in psychology but is more wellness-oriented and is focussed on optimising performance.

Coaching can be used to enhance a range of workplace skills. These include:

  • Leadership / Management
  • Productivity
  • Project management
  • Delegation
  • Achieving goals
  • Problem-solving and planning
  • Communication and skill building
  • Developing high performing teams

The stages of coaching and the approach we use at AccessEAP includes, establishing the coaching partnership, action planning, coaching cycle, evaluation and follow up.


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