AccessEAP’s mission is to make a difference by empowering individuals and supporting organisations through innovation to enhance workplace well-being.

AccessEAP is a leading Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) provider in Australia. We have been assisting companies across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia since 1989. As an Australian owned EAP provider with a not-for-profit orientation, our surplus profit is distributed by the Curran Access Children’s Foundation to support children’s welfare programs and indigenous children at risk in the community.

With over 25 years of experience and success, we believe a genuine EAP service requires consultation, transparency and partnership. We will work with you to create and maintain a work environment which fosters a sense of well-being amongst your employees, with a view to develop high levels of loyalty, low levels of attrition and maximum productivity.

We recognise each industry and workplace has its own unique culture, positive attributes and challenges. By partnering with our clients we understand your needs and tailor our services to provide the most appropriate levels of support.

At AccessEAP, we make a positive difference to your employees and business.

Our difference includes:

  • A commitment to better mental health and well-being through prevention and a pro-active approach
  • Highly experienced and attentive professionals
  • A tailored approach
  • Broad clinical expertise
  • People and quality focus
  • Well-tailored pricing models
  • A not-for-profit orientation
  • Dedication to Australian community

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